"I am a classic holidaying tennis player. I never improve, I always wish I had more time to play in the UK but seldom manage to achieve this goal. For the last 4 years I have booked lessons with Ken his patience, skilled eye and coaching methods rejuvenates my love of the game. I have not had lessons with a better coach and he is the first booking I make after the room for my hotel stay. I just wished my New Year?s Eve resolution (yearly) of playing more tennis back home in England actually transpired."

Nick Rubins
Nottingham, England

"Though I spend my working life watching tennis, and then writing about it for The Daily Telegraph, I don't often have the opportunity to work on my own game, to do something about my second serve and my sliced backhand, which was why it was such fun to spend a week at Carlisle Bay with Ken and Glouster. In addition to the private lessons, I also tried cardio tennis for the first time, and after a couple of those sessions in the heat, which left my shirt and shorts soaked through with sweat, I felt slightly better about having eaten so much of the hotel's delicious banana bread. By the time I checked out, I felt as though my tennis had improved, as had my fitness, and it is not often you can say that at the end of a Caribbean holiday."

Mark Hodgkinson
London, England

"I Arranged a lesson with Kenneth during a one day stopover on a cruise ship. After 2 hours on the court, I came away with a number of pointers to improve my game, a good workout and a wish that the cruise ship would extend the stopover in Antigua so I could spend additional time on the court with Kenneth."

Miami, Florida

"Ken is a great tennis coach. He made our stay at the Carlisle Bay more enjoyable by designing a training program that was appropriate to each individual's level. We look forward to going to Antigua again to among other things workout with Ken again."

Hassan Shobokshi
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"A fantastic experience, Ken is a great coach and really pushed me to excel by taking my game to the next level."

Judith Smith
Georgia, USA

"The tennis centre is one of the best things about Carlisle Bay at the moment. There a plenty of hard courts, free to use. Balls and rackets are freely available. There are tennis clinics, a weekly mixed doubles tournament, and kids clinics.

The pro, Ken, is excellent. Whatever your age or standard, he will be able to help you to improve your game. He has an innate ability to identify problems quickly, and give you corrective actions that you can put into effect there and then, and take away with you. He is also a really nice guy, happy to talk about tennis generally, and great with kids of all ages."

Gordon Stirling
Stirling, Scotland

"I've played competitive tennis most of my life and often struggle to find a game on vacation but Ken adapted a training, hitting and competitive schedule for me that was not only great fun but a good winter refresher."

Peter Wunsch
New York, USA